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Properly padding sharp areas helps ensure that the object will not pierce through the shrink wrap material during long exposure or over the road transport.
Edge areas that are exposed to strapping material are padded to help prevent chaffing and wear.
Engine Chaffing
Using chaffing material or foam over engine cowlings reduce the surface area of shrink wrap material that comes into contact with with delicate areas.
Building Support Structure
Using 1200 lb test nylon strapping we create a webbed structure that withstands the force of wind, rain, snow, and over the road transport.  By transfering the strenght from the shrink wrap to the strapping helps aid in successful longevity
Creating A Belly Band
By creating a Belly Band with strapping allows a secure ending point with support for the edge of the shrink wrap material.  Once secured the Belly Band holds the material on like a sock.
Covering with Shrink Wrap
Carefully pulling or rolling the material over making sure not to puncture.  Once fully covered we open up the material and cut down the sides.
Tucking and Welding
Tucking the material into the belly band and welding it back onto itself provides a hard clean edge for reinforcing strapping and taping.
Heating and Taping
Heating the material allows up to 20% shrinkage creating a drum like effect.  Once heated we tape the seams with special tape to prevent any airflow.
Complete and Ready for Storage or Transport
Upon completion object is ready for over the road transport or storage.  In a storage instance vents are cut into the material to assist in ventilation.  For transport it is not recommended to cut in vents as it decreases the integrity of the material and opens up opportunity for increased airflow.
Reinforcing and Taping
We reinforce the job with support straps that help hold material.  In many instances tape and reinforcing are done to help aid in strength and durability.
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